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Breaking any of the server rules below may result in a warning or punishment.

  1. Play fairly. Cheating, including duping and hacked clients, is not allowed.
  2. Respect others' chat experience. Spamming or flooding chat is not allowed. 
  3. Use claim trust responsibly. Unclaimed land is free game. 
  4. Do not bypass PVP protection plugins.
  5. Keep it family-friendly. Inappropriate chats, names, skins, or builds are not allowed.
  6. Respect others' claims. Do not build or claim within 8 chunks of a pre-existing claim. Targeting another player's claim line is not allowed.
  7. Avoid discussing sensitive topics. Do not discuss real-world, current politics, religion, illicit drugs, or other sensitive topics.
  8. Behave responsibly. Predatory behavior is not allowed.
  9. Respect others' gameplay. Do not harass other players, including in chat, tp spamming, and begging.
  10. Keep personal information private. Do not share personal information in public chats. If you must share personal information, please do so in private messages. 
  11. Impersonation is not allowed. Do not impersonate or disrespect staff. 
  12. False reports are not allowed. Do not falsely report other players. 
  13. Use English in public chat. Do not speak other languages besides English in public chat. Local and private messages do not apply. 
  14. Punishment or ban evasion is not allowed. 
  15. Advertising is not allowed. Do not advertise any other servers except Vanilla Realsm. 
  16. Avoid drama. Do not intentionally start or encourage drama.
  17. Real-life trading is not allowed. Do not sell in-game items for real-life currency via in-game, Discord, or otherwise. 
  18. Use one account only. Do not use alt accounts. Only one account per player is allowed.
  19. Avoid creating lag. Do not create lag machines.