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Blocktopolis HD Texture Pack:

I have been working on my own custom textures for VanillaBDcraf texture pack.

Because I can't wait for them to make a new version for 1.20 but I like the texture alot, so I decided to make my own.
I want to share this, but there will not be a download.

You can load it from in the Server
if you use command [ /resourcepack ]

There are 4 packs to load.
The first will include everything,
                  this includes some extra resource packs from Vanilla Tweaks .net 

The last one is to unload the server resource..  (You can just unload via the menu)
But we use a trick for this.

you will get this message just Proceed if you don't want to Disconnect!

After this you will have no server Textures or resources loaded.


What if the resource pack isn't loading:

Check if you get a message like this:

The red Mojang screen should show up:

If not:
Check your Options > Resources Packs:

If correct you will see this.

If that also fails check how our server is confgured. (Disconnect)
Press Edit after selecting the server.

Make sure that "Server Resources Packs: Enabled" is selected.

The Textures aree a bit of a work in progress, I am still hoping that VanillaBDcraf gets updated soon.

* I tried to optimise the graphics size but this result in the cerry tree leaves not rendering correct @ the moment.
screenshots are made before change was made will revert back to other graphics.