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about 1 year ago
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5 months ago
20-01-2024 Big Update

Happy New Year!

Been busy the last month hope you guy have a good time.
SSL certivate for the website renewed. 
Server update to 1.20.4 lots of plugins broke.
Masive pluging update. Expect server reboot tody. 20-01-2024
-InteractiveChat disabled gives error.
-Systemchat disabled gives error

9 months ago
[Mini] Map of the Server

Here is a mini map of Blocktopolis Spawn area


9 months ago

  • Small update: Cyberpunk Gear added!

    Check it out @ Cyberpunk Crate:

9 months ago

  • Update some plugins.

  • Added a fake command /ah and a few sub commands to troll.  

    There are a few new players looking for this plugin.

    Because the server uses playershops and shopkeepers in the Lobby, this plugin is not necessary.

    The currency in Blocktopolis is Emeralds,
    so there is no need to complicate it with other currencies.

    This menu will help you find stuff in the lobby or for playershops. 

    Players can ask Staff for there shop to be added in this menu.

  • Changed some trades for the Emerald trader, Token trader and the Crystal Trader.

  • The command /warp tokens was not set, /warp is disabled because we use /pwarp.
    But there is one alias for /warp tokens because the vote token was made before we disabled the warp option.

9 months ago

  • Updated the plugin's.

  • Made vote gear recyclable: Use in furnace to smelt them to a nether ingot.

  • Made command /trash available

  • Server is now open to Bedrock players

  • Added Simple Voice Chat plugin to the server
               (you need still need the client plugin ofc)

  • You can buy crate keys at the Crystal trader and the Token trader.

  • Disabled the shop command that conflicted with ishop
    Now you can use ishop or shop to create a shop

  • The Head Trader: Not all head textures are available on Bedrock.
    A interactive Hologram will show the prices per head.

                 *use > Click, tab, break, place button. .